1121 Golden Sella Rice
1121 Golden Sella Rice Content Not Dere

The status that rice holds as a major item in a cuisine, has unconsciously led people to believe that it is a dish you avoid when you are on a weight losing or staying fit diet. This is, of course a misconception as rice has a high nutritional value and is recognized by the wholesomeness it renders. Superseding in this category are 1121 Sella Rice, to be better understood, as Par boiled or partially boiled rice.

To give you a brief idea, 1121 Sella rice are soaked, steamed and dried in the husk itself. For the workers, the post par-boiling process becomes easier, but for consumers of this type of rice, the nutritional profile increases other than Vitamin B which acts most importantly in its nutrient content. You will be highly impressed when you read that 1121 Sella rice has 80% of the nutrients of brown rice, which is the escape food for food-watcher eaters. This happens due to the hot air, vaccum and warm water action which make up the process of par boiling. We can also say 1121 Sella rice is a lucrative version of brown rice as it has 805 its nutrients but with the texture and satisfying power of the normal white or basmati rice.

S.H. Agro India being the leading exporter, supplier and manufacturer of 1121 Sella rice offers you the best quality of them. Food as we know it more than stomach serves the heart so, we hope you trust us when we say we never compromise on the quality. Eat smartly and don’t risk your appetite, try our 1121 Sella rice and you would hardly ignore them in your diet.

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