About Our Company

S.H.AGRO INDIA is leading global provider of a diverse range of agro products. We provide export facilities for majorly Indian basmati which is a premium long-grain of rice that is grown only in specific regions of the sub-continent and also Basmati & Non Basmati Rice along with Kabuli Chickpeas, Wheat Flour, Sugar and a lot more. A fast growing company, we lay major emphasis on quality standard of production and boast of the reliability and credibility of our services. We believe in a customer centric approach to production and go the extra mile to do just that.

With a strong and wide network spread across the country, we have opened ourselves to an immense number of opportunities for procurement and storage as well as manufacturing and supplying of these agro products. With our technologically updated equipment and modern infrastructure, we are fortified to take on supply requirements of any scale. With an experience of over a decade, we ensure premium quality products to all our customers.

We make it a point to have close knit relationship right from the grass root level and hence we have a wide reach up till the fields and farms where the agricultural product is grown. This allows us to offer our clients quality products at nominal rates. Maintaining long term relationships with all our clients is our major goal and we strive to excel in that each day. What differentiates us from our competition is the dedication and commitment we have towards retaining our customers.

We at S.H. Agro India work to earn the trust of our clientele and aim at providing the very best for each one of them. The products we export are of top notch quality are made available to you as and when required. We ensure perfect information and timely updates so you can make the best decision when buying premium agro goods.

Our Brand

Pure basmati rice a reputed product of SH Agro India leads the export percentage in basmati rice. Our new product – Awesome Basmati rice are the ones known for their long pieces and enamoring fragrance; the fragrance which can make you nostalgic about the food prepared by Moms!

Awesome - The Pure Basmati Rice being a rich and enamoring brand of rice in the market produces and optimizes the spirit of rice production and sale in country and outside country. Focused quality of highest order and undying faith, Pure Basmati rice has scaled levels of great quality. Read More...

Awesome Basmati Rice