CHICKPEAS 42-44 (12mm)

Chickpeas 42-44 (12mm)
Chickpeas 42-44 (12mm)

Termed as kabuli chana in India, the highest producing country in the world, the chickpeas are popular for offering taste and health benefits simultaneously. Bengal Gram, Ceci Bean, Sanagalu are some common names of chickpea. The popularity of chickpeas as food in India has increased and so has its demands. Do you want the chickpeas delivered to you be of the highest quality? We ensure the very best quality.

We are the premier suppliers of chickpea in India specializing in size 42-44(12mm). The customer shall have no complaints regarding the product supplied by us. The mechanical cleansing of the product ensures its quality. Being the premier 42-44(12mm) chickpea supplier in India, it is our responsibility to ensure maximum satisfaction for our customers and providing the finest product.

Chickpeas come in varieties such as 40-42(13-14mm), 42-44(12mm), 58-60(9mm). Improvement in technology and infrastructure has eased the cultivation of chickpeas.

The mechanical cleansing of the product enhances its quality, and since customers get the best 40-42(13-14mm) chickpeas from us, we repay their trust and faith with our service.

What makes us the best exporter of chickpeas in India specializing in 42-44(12mm) is our commitment to details, expert assistance, and continuous approach towards consumer satisfaction. The prices we offer are reasonable and the delivery of products are hassle free, all the while catering to consumer specifications. Place your trust in us, and we shall deliver.

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