CHICKPEAS 58-60 (9mm)

Chickpeas 58-60 (9mm)
Chickpeas 58-60 (9mm)

Chickpea scientific name Cicer arietinum is a leguminous plant of the family Fabaceae, subfamily Faboideae. Chickpea seeds are highly rich in protein, carbohydrate and fibre having low fat, which is of unsaturated kind. They are one of the earliest cultivated legumes about 7,500-year-old, have been found in the Middle East. The Kabuli type chickpeas are widely used in salads and vegetable while the desi type chickpeas are milled into flour.

Our company SH AGRO INDIA is one of the huge exporter and supplier of chickpeas which are comprehend on the basis of their sizes. We deals in the best quality chickpeas available in different sizes (42-44 Count per Oz (12 MM); 44-46 Count per Oz (10 MM); 58-60 Count per Oz (9 MM); 75-80 Count per Oz(7-8 MM) and packaging (100 / 50 / 25 Kg Jute Bag; 5 Kg / 2 Kg / 1 Kg / 500 Grams attractive colored packing).

In 58-60 count per Ounce (9MM) range we SH AGRO offers the best quality chickpeas (garbanzos) which are grown in the fertile soil, where we provide the most optimum weather from its germination until we harvest it with our latest state of the art technology. From there it passes through our own selection and packing plant to provide you the highest standard quality of chickpeas found in the global market today where it is hand-picked selected.


Count per ounce: 58-60
Moisture: Max 13%
Foreign Matter: 0.20% Max
Green/Brown aborted: 2.00% Max. (Green Should not be More than 0.50%)
Split/Broken/worm Bitten: 2.00% Max (Each should not increase 1%)
Stained/Smooth: 2.00% Max
Total Defect: Max 6.20% + Weevil led 0.30%
Packing :(100 / 50 / 25 Kg Jute Bag; 5 Kg / 2 Kg / 1 Kg / 500 Grams attractive colored packing).

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