Sharbati Sella Rice
Sharbati Sella Rice

If you are aware of the meaning of the word “Sharbat,” in Hindi, the mention of a Sharbati Sella rice is going to water your mouth undoubtedly. Sella referring to its polished nature and the unsticky free ness after the cooking when everyone commences eating. Sharbati Sella Rice, not bring the Big B of Rices, is however a modest looking plump thing from which rich aroma is known to ooze like Sharbat. It is globally known for its excellence and blending in all cooking types, and nationally it is included in the monthly ration of many localities. It has an undeniably high quality and is also recognized by hard stems which are a proud possession among the Rices. The recipes of which are world Sharbati Sella rocks the world are mainly the poignant pulavs, biryanis and the angel of all deserts, kheer. Its qualities, appearance and least moisture make it suitable for all types of cooking anyhow.

We believe, a dish especially cannot be duplicated; it has to come from its roots. Rice being the portfolio of most farmers in Northern India, Sharbati Sella Rice is grown extensively here. So, we at S.H. Agro India try to do just that and seek to provide you the best rice experience. We have been the major manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of many agro products from our magical land, and Sharbati Sella Rice arent any exception. In fact, they add a lot to the family of rice and agro products overall. We have been serving globally and hold ourselves to serve the best quality rice from India.

We are sure trying this mystical edible will ensure you of all the above, and more. Happy mouth watering!

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