Sugar Icumza 45
Sugar Icumza 45

If you are looking for a place to order sugar in bulk amounts, then SH AGRO is the apt place for you. We deal in various edible products like sugar, rice, wheat flour, chickpeas. To have a glance specifically on sugar, we deal in two varieties of sugars ICUMZA 45 and S30.

The sugar quality of ICUMZA 45 we manufacture is known for its pure taste of sucrose and white color. The Brazilian sugar is dry, sound, homogenously granulated and of marketable quality. The sugar does not easily goes under microbiological contamination and chemical contaminants etc. The sugar we offer could be widely used for making cakes, desserts, sweet dishes. The order should be few metric tons.

The quality of S30 sugar we manufacture is a crystal form manufactured by vacuum pan method, liquid solid extraction. It is refined, dried and sugar of INDIAN origin. S30 is high quality and is vacuum packed. It is non adulterated and hygienically processed containing low moisture content. It is a natural sweetener.

We provide with the best quality of ICUMZA 45 and S30 in INDIA. We are the leading suppliers and exporters of S30 and ICUMZA 45 in INDIA.

So just give us a chance to serve you and provide you with best quality sugar from the leading manufacturers in INDIA. We will make this thing sure that you are provided with high quality of S30 and ICUMZA 45 sugar.

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