Pusa Basmati Rice
Pusa Basmati Rice

Rice is an extravagantly nice component of our hearty and huge Indian cuisine. It is also the staple food of many parts of India and consumed because of its richness and quality. Lucky for all of us, rice is of many, many types. And those types are also further divided into specific types.

A part of this family, the beautiful Pusa Basmati Rice are recognized by its slender outlook and wholesomeness. Although, when Basmati is post rice, one gets images of lip smacking biryanis and pulavs and it is thought to be for granted that this type of rice will be healthy and wealthy. Apart from its look, Pusa Basmati is a hybrid of Basmati and complementarily, known by its captivating aroma and every-single-grain-apart after cook effect. It has a high fiber content leaving you with around 350kcal of energy and a want of more. It has 0 Trans fat which will make you want to grab it and consists good amounts of protein, sodium and calcium. It was released for cultivation in 2003 by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research and has flourished since then across the globe, being included in diets and cuisines and different localities.

If you are wondering how to attain this piece of scrumptious appetite, then you have been lead to the ideal place. S.H. Agro India is the leading supplier, manufacturer and exporter of agro foods and enticing agro products of our land and Pusa Basmati is one of them. Eyes closed, deal done you will find the best quality basmati from us as we have a history and passion of serving the same.

Go ahead, make a better chef out of you and impress whoever it is you want to impress, starting with you!

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